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Feel free to do whatever you want on this page. Permission has been specifically granted by the user who is the subject of this page for anyone and everyone to add whatever they please. You can shitpost here freely, you can roast, ridicule, and berate the user, you can write completely irrelevant things, all with no consequence (though you MUST keep it SFW and PG-13).

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File:Baba Is Shiro.png
Trainer Info
Nickname: Shiri, Shuro, Churro, Baba
Discord Name: Shiro#3633
Favorite Pokémon: Flareon, Absol, Blaziken

Shiro is a moderator and Tilia moderator on the Bulbagarden Discord Server and on the Elaria Discord Server, as well as the Tilia Wiki Administrator. He usually appears to have an angry nature and possesses a sharp tongue, but don't let that frighten you, as he is an excellent person to be around once you get to know him better. He has many Flareon profile pictures and will change between them depending on his mood.

Shiro also enjoys w:Cheerios.

If you feed him milk he usually calms down enough to pet him, just make sure you have your life insurance ready - paris, survivor ^ when did this become a thing?

shiro is also dumm - shiro

shiro likes all the head pats, give him as many as you can - quas

die - shiro

Shiro is a mean angery spicy boi. -Mal

has a vending machine that has geese in it? -quas

when I wake up I want my user page to look like clown vomit - Shiro

meh... - vmario97

cutie pokes shiro -Light

Shiro likes Flareon (as it can be obviously assumed by taking a look at his pfp). He also likes to be upside down - Silva

But does he like his banhammer? - Vulpix

hey its flareon warframe guy - Tedd

Okay, I'm fixed you... but please not destroy Shiro or else Angry Shiro.png - vmario97

Saphir was here.

please help me