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Mal Silvally.png
Trainer Info
Nickname: Mal, The Malevolent One, Mally
Discord Name: The Malevolent One | Mal™#6267
Trainer Since: November 15, 2018
Favorite Pokémon: Lucario, Type: Null, Silvally, Entei, Lugia, Groudon and Primal Groudon, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, White And Black Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal, Lunala, Dawn Wings Necrozma And Ultra Necrozma, Zacian
Pokémon Collection: Lucario
First Catch: Zapdos (25)
Pokédex: 444/649

About Me[edit]

Hi, I'm Mal (pronouns: she/her, he/him, and they/them). I am an undergraduate student in Web Design Foundations and have been a contributor to the Tilia Wiki since 2019.

I perform basic copyediting tasks in my spare time (i.e. whenever I come across an article with a typo), and I occasionally contribute more substantive edits as well.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Rank - Platinum Rank



Malevolent Mix/Radio



Nickname: Mal, The Malevolent One

Personality: Malevolent, Chill, Sweet, Cunning, Manipulative, Ruthless and Sadistic.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5'10

Eye Colors: Brown (Both)

History: As A Kid, He's Had A Pretty Normal Life Of Being Beat Up Due To His Malevolence. He Has Been In Juvenile. When He Ran The Place, People Feared Him and Sarah. Juvenile Is Where He Met Sarah And They've Been Friends Ever Since. Mal Secretly Has A Crush On Sarah, But He Knows Sarah Can Read His Mind Since She Was The One Who Separated Him From Mike And His Other Personalities. He Has His Own Body Separate From Mike And His Other Personalities. Sarah Found A Place For Him And Her To Stay. A Few Months Later, He Found Out Sarah Was Kidnapped And Went Around Finding Her. He Found Her Due To Her Recording. He Went Where She Was Recording From And Beat Her Ex BF Down, Taking Her Before He Did Any More Damage To Her.

Powers/Skills: Super Strength, Whistling, Manipulation

Crimes: Assault, Sabotage, Identity Theft, Attempted Murder, Destruction Of Personal Property.

Malevolent Mix/Radio



Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Half Human/Half Fallen Angel

Sexuality: Bisexual/Polyamorous

Weight: 130lbs

Height: 5'2

Eye Color: Brown (Right), White/Gray (Left) (Half Blind)

Personality: Chill, Crazy, Hateful, iNSaNe, Malevolent, Nice, Rebellious, Ruthless, Sadistic and Swwet.

Languages: English and Serbian (Curse Words Mostly)

History: Abandoned At The Age Of 3, Some Scientists Took Her In And Did Horrible Tests On Her. She Teleported Out Of The Labs At The Age Of 13 And Made Her Way To A Store To Get Some Clothing, However She Resorted To Stealing Rather Than Buying Clothes And Managing To Get Away With It. She Was Caught And Got Sent To Juvenile For Stealing And Met Mal. She And Mal Were The Most Feared In There. After 3 Years They Were Released And She Separated Mal From Mike And His Other Personalities. She Found A Place For Her And Mal To Stay As They Somehow Managed To Get Money To Rent An Apartment. A Few Months Later, Her Ex BF Came And Kidnapped Her, Slashing Her Eye To Where It's Blind And Her Ear A Bit. She Managed To Fight Back And Send Him To Hell.

Powers/Skills: Breathes Anything, Flame, Flight, Form Change, Fusion, Genderbending, Healing, Invisibility, Mind Control, Revival, Super Strength, Telepathy, Teleportation, Worm Hole Travel, and Weapon Summoning.

Crimes: Assault and Theft.

Disorders: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and Schizophrenia.

Malevolent Mix/Radio

William Afton/Springtrap/Scraptrap[edit]

Nickname: Will (William Afton/Springy (Springtrap)/Scrappy (Scraptrap)

Gender: Male

Age: 48 (William Afton)/50 (Springtrap)/52 (Scraptrap)

Race: Human (William Afton)/Animatronic (Springtrap/Scraptrap)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Weight: 216 lbs. (William Afton)/226 lbs. (Springtrap/Scraptrap)

Height: 6'3" (William Afton)/7'0" (Springtrap/Scraptrap)

Eye Color: White (William Afton/Sprintrap)/Gray (Scraptrap)

Personality: Chill, Cunning, Intelligent, Persuasive, Ruthless and Sadistic.

Languages: English

History: He was responsible for The Missing Children Incident mentioned in Five Nights at Freddy's, and he may have carried out more murders, as implied by the Death Minigames in the second game. He appears in most of the Death Minigames of the second game and the End-of-Night Minigames of the third and fourth game, and his role in the franchise's story is pivotal. He was also the owner of Afton Robotics, LLC. (William Afton) The murderer known as Purple Guy has been terrorizing the Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria for many years. Before he went on a killing spree, however, he was a worker at the pizzeria and supposedly one of the CEOs. For an unknown reason, however, he began killing children around the restaurant, police quickly catching up to the murderer. However, William Afton, being the intelligent criminal that he is, has tricked the police and avoided being arrested. But it wasn't the end. The soul of the children he killed have possessed the animatronics of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. William realized it and decided to destroy the robots. What he didn't predict, though, is the souls of the victims escaping the robots and coming after the murderer himself. In a desperate attempt to survive, Afton equipped the Springtrap suit. He laughed, assured of his safety, before the suit's spring locks crushed him inside of the suit. The children left, believing they were avenged. As William rotted inside of Springtrap, he was discovered after three decades, when the creators of the future Fazbear's Fright attraction searched for equipment. The building was supposed to scare visitors, using the "legend" of the haunted animatronics. Purple Guy's spirit soon possessed the Springtrap suit, however, and he continued his killing spree - his target this time being an unaware security guard. (Springtrap) He has been given the moniker of Scraptrap in this iteration by outside sources to distinguish him from his other incarnations of William Afton. (Scraptrap)

Powers/Skills: Blending Into The Shadows, Durability, Intelligent, Persuasive, Regeneration, Skill, Speed, and Strength. (Springtrap)

Crimes: Child Murder. (William Afton)/Night Guard Murder. (Springtrap/Scraptrap)

Disorders: Mentally Insane and Schizophrenia.

William Afton/Springtrap/Scraptrap

Springtrap Scream

Scraptrap Scream

Gray Fullbuster[edit]

Nickname: Gray

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

Sexuality: Straight

Weight: 163lbs

Height: 5'10

Eye Color: Dark Blue (Both)

Personality: Laid-Back, But Serious When Time Calls For It.

Languages: English and Japanese

History: Gray Fullbuster lived in a village north of fiore. The village was attacked by one of Zeref's demon's known as Deliora. This event robbed Gray and his friend Lyon of their parents. The two were taken in by a amazing ice make wizard Ur. She taught the two Ice Make until the day came where she sacrificed her self to save Gray and kill Deliora. After that Gray soon joined the Fairy Tail guild. The rest, well, you know.

Powers/Skills: Ice-Make, Ice Magic, Ice Devil Slayer Magic, Unison Raid, Expert Weapons Specialist, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, and Enhanced Strength.

Gray Fullbuster Fairy Tail

TCG Items I Own[edit]

TCG Items[edit]

Crimson Invasion Dice.jpg Crimson Invasion Card Sleeves.jpg CESBL_Red_Groudon_Coin.png BSHBL_Blue_Lucario_Coin.png UPRBL_Pink_Palkia_Coin.png

TCG Deck[edit]

Type: Null and Silvally Collection[edit]

SMP_EN_SM64.png SMA_EN_SV45.png SMP_EN_SM91.png SM4_EN_89.png SM4_EN_90.png SM4_EN_89.png SM4_EN_108.png SM4_EN_89.png SM4_EN_119.png SM5_EN_115.png SM5_EN_116.png SM11_EN_183.png SM11_EN_184.png SM12_EN_183.png SM12_EN_184.png SM12_EN_183.png SM12_EN_227.png SM12_EN_183.png SM12_EN_262.png SMA_EN_SV45.png SMA_EN_SV79.png

Legendary Cards[edit]

SM4_EN_57.png SM8_EN_106.png XY10_EN_54.png XY8_EN_94.png XY1_EN_78.png XYP_EN_XY150.png XYP_EN_XY06.png XY11_EN_82.png XY8_EN_107.png XYP_EN_XY149.png XYP_EN_XY05.png BW11_EN_86.png BW4_EN_50.png BWP_EN_BW38.png BWP_EN_BW36.png BWP_EN_BW23.png BW2_EN_97.png BWP_EN_BW32.png SM6_EN_20.png SM7_EN_109.png DV1_EN_11.png BW6_EN_122.png XY9_EN_30.png XY8_EN_55.png BW11_EN_22.png BW4_EN_41.png

Teams (USUM)[edit]


Fire Gym[edit]

Evil Team[edit]

Favorite Music And Remixes[edit]

Pokémon Sword/Shield: Battle! VS Zacian & Zamazenta (Fanmade) / Emdasche by Emdasche

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Battle! VS Zeraora (Fanmade) by Emdasche

Battle! Ultra Necrozma WITH LYRICS - Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Cover by Juno Songs

Ultra Necrozma Battle Remix by GlitchxCity

Pokemon USUM Gen 5 Devamp - Battle! Vs Ultra Necrozma by Hnturs12

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - Battle! Ultra Necrozma (Final Fantasy 6 Arr.) by Parabeetle X

Pokémon Sun/Moon - Legendary Showdown! Vs. Lunala (Fanmade) by Emdasche

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: Battle! VS Yveltal (Fanmade) by Emdasche

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle! Ultra Reshiram & Zekrom (Remix) by PokéMixr92-

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle! Ultra Dialga/Palkia (Remix) by PokéMixr92

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle! Ultra Groudon/Kyogre (Remix) by PokéMixr92

Pokemon UltraSun & UltraMoon - Battle! Mewtwo Music (HQ) by Pokeli

Pokémon X and Y: Legendary Battle Remix by GlitchxCity

Pokemon Cinematic Remix 4: Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem by Mixeli

Pokemon B/W - Battle! Reshiram / Zekrom (SNES Arrangement) by Parabeetle X

Pokemon Black and White Music - Frozen Boundary! VS. Kyurem

Pokemon Black and White Music - Electrifying Black Yin! VS. Zekrom

Pokemon Black and White Music - Blazing White Yang! VS. Reshiram

Pokemon Black/2/White/2 - Legendary Pokemon (SNES) by Parabeetle X

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl - Giratina Battle Theme Remix {Mashup}

Pokémon B2/W2 - Battle! Neo Team Plasma Extended HD by Pokeli

Pokemon Musical Bytes - Vs. Guzma - Man on the Internet by Man on the Internet

Battle! (Gladion) WITH LYRICS - Pokémon Sun & Moon/Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cover by Juno Songs

Battle! (Lorekeeper Zinnia) WITH LYRICS - Pokémon ORAS/Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cover by Juno Songs

Pokemon Musical Bytes - Vs. Cynthia - Man on the Internet

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Wally Music (HQ)

Battle! Team Flare Boss Lysandre (Pokémon XY OST)

Dialga's Fight to the Finish WITH LYRICS - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Cover by Juno Songs

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers (of Time) - Dialga's Fight to the Finish! (SNES Arr.) by Parabeetle X

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - Dialga's Fight to the Finish

GTS Pokémon XY/ORAS and SMUSUM Music Extended HD

Mystery Gift Pokémon XY/ORAS and SMUSUM Music Extended HD

GTS Pokémon BWB2W2 Music

Mystery Gift Pokémon BWB2W2 Music

GTS Pokémon DPPt/HGSS Music Extended HD

Mystery Gift Pokémon DPPt/HGSS Music Extended HD

Littleroot Town Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Music Extended HD

Pallet Town Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended

Pokemon Champion Gold Epic Remix by Mixeli

Deltarune - Rude Buster (Pokemon B2W2 Arrangement) by Parabeetle X

GRAY FULLBUSTER RAP | "Freeze" | RUSTAGE ft Divide Music [Fairy Tail] by Rustage

Malevolent Mix/Radio

Videos I Find Hilarious[edit]

Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale ANIMATED

Realistic Wolf Animation

Contact and Gaming[edit]

3DS FC 1: 1994-3048-9663

3DS FC 2: 2423-8678-1524

Minecraft: TheMalevolentOne

PS4 Username: MalevolentOne16

Steam: TheMalevolentOne16