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KenderCharmeleon default PFP.png
Trainer Info
Nickname: KenderCharmeleon
Discord Name: KenderCharmeleon#5513
Trainer Since: November, 15th 2018
Favorite Pokémon: Charmeleon, Grovyle, Lugia
First Catch: Arcanine (20)
Pokédex [1]

KenderCharmeleon is a Tilia Trainer and a Tilia Moderator. He was also a Discord Moderator on the BulbaGarden Discord, but he retired. He is from Canada. He is an adult that live with his family in Canada. He currently works as a Network Administrator. He likes playing Video Games, but never find time for them in his busy schedule. He tries to do some sports too, like hiking, biking or walking. He enjoy boardgames and roleplaying too. Playing Tilia just for the fun of it, and will actively tries to promote his vision of the game.

KenderCharmeleon Roleplaying[edit]

In Elaria thought, KenderCharmeleon would usually pretend to be a real life Charmeleon named Kender. That will usually involve burning stuff and taking the side of the Pokémon. Kender like playing games in the chat and will try to involve everyone that want in his silliness. He likes changing his nick and character following the Pokémon News or the events that currently happening in Elaria.

This Kender character also have a honey addiction and would usually eat all the honey when someone use it in the game, or will be angry when someone else eats it. Kender’s will also wears many costumes, usually involving hats, making him become a sub-characters.

"Detective" Charmeleon[edit]

When Kender wears a detective hat and hold a magnifying hat, he become Detective Charmeleon. Detective Charmeleon like to investigate stuff, but he is very clumsy and silly. He’ll try to involve everyone in investigations that make no sense.

His famous investigations for now are :

  • The mystery of the disappearing Honey
    • Honey was disappearing from Elaria, since it was all eaten by someone undisclosed.
  • The mysterious X
    • Who is the mysterious X that catch the Pokémon even if someone typed the name first?

“Mad-Scientist” Charmeleon[edit]

When Kender wears a lab coat and put safety goggles on his head, he becomes Mad-Scientist Charmeleon. Mad-Scientist Charmeleon is mad and would elaborate sprays that will have an effect on the others players, mostly involving evolution. From an idea from the Pokémon Game, and relayed by MegaPod, he is mostly famous for the DevolutionSpray™. That spray devolve a pokémon from one stage at each application. Please note that this item doesn’t exist in the game. To test his various inventions, he would ask for help from the other Tilia trainers. Most of them would be used as Lab Rat, and the effect would usually be total chaos.

“Radio Announcer” Charmeleon[edit]

Radio Announcer Charmeleon will come in only to make a Pokémon pun from a song title.

“Baseball Player” Charmeleon[edit]

When Kender put a baseball cap on his head, he become a really bad Baseball Player and will try to play baseball with the other users in the chat. Will probably finish as a wacky game.