Beginner Tips

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  • If you're new and you haven't used the daily command yet, go do it now. Try to have your daily be active at a time when you will regularly be able to use Tilia all 7 days of the week.
  • Set a reminder on your phone or PC to redeem your daily.
  • Try to buy a daily reset card (item 21) as soon as you have a few Corda Balls on hand and can still afford one. It will pay for itself in just 2 uses. Try to time using the reset card after getting your daily money in order to maximize the value you get from it. Each trainer can only have one, which makes it easier to keep up with veteran players.
  • Other than a reset card, focus all your money on Corda Balls in the early game. Items like honey and evolution items will not be helpful in filling out your dex until much later.
  • Evolution items in particular are very expensive; keep in mind that, for earlier gens, many evolved Pokémon are also common.
  • If you're patient, try to buy Corda Balls in groups of 10 (which requires two dailies). You'll get a bonus ball, just like the main series Pokémon games.
  • Always have one ball on hand if you can help it. You never know when a good ultra rare or shiny may pop up.
  • Don't worry about catching duplicates; there are plenty of veteran players who will take your commons in exchange for other commons that you need. Earlier Generation Commons have basically little value to longtime players.
  • Physical keyboards are usually superior to mobile keyboards for typing speed and accuracy. That said, if you are quick with autocomplete and Pokémon names are properly loaded into that system, you may be able to gain some extra speed. NOTE: If the bot thinks you entered the name too fast, it will prevent you from catching the spawn.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Even if you don't need the Pokémon that comes up, try typing its name anyway just to make sure your typing is up to snuff when something you do need comes up. Put a period at the end or something similar to prevent yourself from catching it, if you really don't want it.
  • Be very aware of the rarities of various Pokémon. Starter lines and "pseudo-legendaries" (Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, and Beldum lines) in particular are often highly sought after. The Full Pokédex (shown with the "fulldex" command) has a count for every Pokémon in the game. Pokémon with lower counts are more valuable. Don't be surprised if two Pokémon that are ostensibly counterparts have different counts (e.g. Plusle and Minun).
  • Newer Pokémon are often more valuable than older Pokémon of the same rarity level. In addition, Pokémon that evolve from other Pokémon of lower rarities may be less valuable (for example, Dratini is more valuable than Charizard despite both being UR, because Charizard evolves from lower rarity Pokémon). Ask a Tilia mod if you're unsure if a given trade is fair.
  • Don't rush trades. You should never feel bullied into making a trade, and if you think it's a bad deal, you always have the option to say no. If unsure, feel free to conduct trade negotiations publicly on Tilia.
  • If a Pokémon spawns but the picture doesn't load correctly for some reason, do not guess the name of the Pokémon. Guessing is considered cheating and will get you into trouble. Repeatedly guessing what the Pokémon is after you've been asked to stop could result in you being muted or banned.